Solution Focused Therapy

What is Solution focused therapy?

Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) or Solution-Focused Therapy is a future-oriented solution-focused approach to therapy. This type of therapy focuses on solutions and goals as opposed to the problems that brought the client(s) to therapy. This approach was developed after studying hundreds of hours of therapy sessions to determine what effected the most change in clients and influenced positive outcomes in therapy. Based on these observations and findings the strategies, questions and activities that effected the most change and influenced positive therapeutic outcomes were incorporated into the SFBT approach.

SFBT is now one of the leading schools of brief therapy. It has also influenced fields such as business, education, criminal justice services, child welfare and domestic violence offenders’ treatment. SFBT is a goal-driven model of therapy with an emphasis on clear, concise, realistic goals. The underlying assumption of SFBT is that clients have some knowledge of what would make their life better, although they may need some help with the details and how’s of making that better life. The focus of therapy is on creating the solutions that would allow clients to live that better life for themselves and their relationships. The process of therapy is directed towards the client(s) developing and achieving the solutions they want for their life. The following questions and techniques help clarify those solutions and the means to achieving them.

Solution-focused therapy can help you to find the solutions you want and live the life that you deserve.